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Summer Pastimes With Modern Conveniences

Posted by Lindsay Scott - Marketing Director, Valley City Supply
on May 30, 2018

Modern Stainless Steel Outdoor GrillThe pastimes of summer are almost upon us.  Not much has changed through the years.  Long, sunny days spent outside in the garden or by the pool.  Sunset filled evenings with crickets and lightning bugs.  The heavenly aroma of food cooking on the grill as family and friends gather together for outdoor meals.  Time seems to stop and memories are created.

What has changed is the availability of convenience when it comes to entertaining outdoors.  Gone are the days of rusted metal charcoal grills, impatiently waiting for coals to turn the correct shade of orange, and the seemingly endless flipping of food because there’s not enough room to fit everything you want to cook.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cooking rods offer maximum durability and longevity when it comes to modern day grilling.  With less maintenance and the elimination of replacing typical metal grates, they offer an unbeatable value for your money.  Because of their thickness, they retain heat well while putting great grill marks on whatever you’re cooking. 

Double-lined, stainless steel hoods not only give the grill a sleek and polished look, they ensure high quality heat retention when the lid is closed.  As an added safety feature, the outside of the hood will not be hot to the touch and comes complete with a hood-mounted thermometer that allows for easy temperature monitoring.

Tame That Flame

Flare-ups are a thing of the past with contemporary grill systems.  Flame tamers provide a large area of coverage to help even out heat coming from the burners below them, practically vaporizing any drippings, and giving whatever you’re grilling a great smoky flavor.  Zone cooking with heat zone separators allow you to sear a steak on one end without worrying about delicate items, like vegetables, on the other end.

The Extras Don’t Have To Be Extras

Proper grills eliminate the need to purchase separate smokers and rotisseries.  Rear infrared burners for rotisserie cooking gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to entertaining and food variety.  Internal smoker boxes that hold both wood chips and your favorite cooking liquid are a popular accessory for adding flavor to your food.  Removable warming racks are perfect for expanding your grill space to keep side dishes warm and toasting buns, while illuminated control knobs and interior lights help navigate grilling surfaces at night.

Whether built-in or on a cart, modern grills not only offer convenience and a sleek, sophisticated look, they offer you time.  Time to be with loved ones.  Time to enjoy those long summer days and sunset filled evenings.  Time to return to what's important.

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