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Growing Your Business While Juggling Multiple Tasks

Posted by Valley City Supply
on Jul 24, 2018 1:17:25 PM

Task JugglingYou're good at what you do. While you likely spend a lot of time doing what you do best, the fact remains there are other parts of your business that need attention too. Tasks like bookkeeping, marketing, managing workers, and project timelines. But you're still just one person, and admit it, you probably could use some help.

Perhaps you don't have the budget to employ someone to do all the administrative functions needed, but there are options available. What it comes down to is determining your priorities and formulating a plan. Here are some practical tips to help organize your business so you can focus on what you do best.

Time Management

Prioritizing your time and sticking to a schedule is critical to your success. Make a list of what is most important. Is it overseeing a high-profile job from beginning to end? Is it updating your website with photos that illustrate your work? Is it sending out and following up on invoices? Providing quotes for new job prospects? Whether you work an eight-hour day, or ten- or twelve-hour day, you have to maximize each hour so it brings a return on your investment. There are apps for time management, or you can go old school and use a paper calendar. Stay disciplined about your time allocations because time is money.

Options For Bookkeeping

If you were good at or loved keeping your books, you wouldn't be a contractor. Thankfully, there are people out there who thrive on helping small businesses manage their books, and it doesn't have to break your bank. There are freelancers and work-from-home bookkeepers who want flexibility in their schedules but have the skills and experience to help you. There's also accounting software for small businesses if you're determined to oversee this area yourself. You could also contact your local college and ask for the accounting department. Lots of college kids majoring in business or accounting would love a job working 10 or less hours per week and the opportunity to build their resume with professional experience, and you could easily pay them a rate that is cost-effective for your business. 


Referrals will always be a great way to achieve new business. However, referrals still like to verify that you are a legit business and want to see examples of your work. These days, it's virtually impossible for a business to get by without a website, business cards, and a social media presence. Websites are easy to build using an affordable and easy-to-use service like Wix. Get inexpensive business cards at Vistaprint. And hire a local college kid to help with your social media -- just call the communications or social media department (yes, kids can now major in social media because most companies have social media positions) and ask for referrals. If you're social-savvy, you may want to set a small budget for social media advertising in your area. 

Pat yourself on the back. Being a contractor is hard work. That's why everyone isn't doing what you do. Still, it's okay to re-evaluate how you spend your time and tap into resources so you can grow your business and achieve more of the jobs in your area.

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Written by Valley City Supply


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