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How Instagram Can Easily Benefit Your Business

Posted by Valley City Supply
on Oct 8, 2018 10:24:58 AM

Instagram-business-03Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has quickly grown to become the top social media platform for engagement. The reason this may be is due to Instagram's quick nature; users can upload or browse photos in no time, even when they only have a few moments to spare. The latest update in their post algorithm allows users to ensure that they have not missed any posts, bringing the unseen items to the top of their feed.

For many businesses, this is a huge change in how often their posts are being seen and can truly increase a company's exposure and customer count over time. That's why it's so vital for companies, especially those in the contracting, building, and remodeling fields, to utilize Instagram as a promoter of their work, earning them new business and recognition for their hard work.

Creating Posts That Give Your Business Exposure

Posting on Instagram is easy and user-friendly, taking only a moment to post, and only a little longer to find and follow relevant businesses that may provide leads or information that helps you to grow. Most users post artful or silly pictures, adding filters or funny captions that take up time, but when you're adding photos of a remodeled home or new build, posting can be easy and include:

  • Unfiltered photos - Your potential clients want to see your work in natural lighting and without the use of filters. Luckily, this makes adding a post much easier on your end!
  • A quick, fact-based caption - No need to be overly clever here. Just post the pertinent information you think people viewing this photo may benefit from.
  • Relevant hashtags - Though this piece may take up more time, it's one of the most important. Adding hashtags like #remodel or #newbuild lump your photo into searches from users who are looking to remodel or build a home, meaning people who don't follow you can easily see your work.

Not only do your posts allow users who don't follow you to see your work, it also gives potential clients who are interested in your business a singular place to see a display of the types of work you've done in the past. This is a platform they're familiar with, so flipping through is easy and comfortable for them!

Follow Relevant Accounts

Instagram isn't just about showing off your work. It's also about connecting with relevant people and businesses who are in your area or whose work you admire. This can lead to networking opportunities, as well as another avenue for people who follow those accounts to find your work. You can even set up advertising with other businesses, asking them to showcase some of your work on their account and vice versa. This can be another great way to gain exposure from people you may have never expected to hear from!

Instagram is a powerful and free marketing tool that too few businesses don't take advantage of. Create powerful advertising through posts that showcase your projects and you'll find your business increasing through the exposure generated off this amazing platform!

You can easily create an Instagram profile and begin sharing your projects with the world!


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Written by Valley City Supply


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